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Family Residency

Family Medicine Residency

There is a place in the United States where you can learn procedurally rich family medicine in an environment unlike any other.

  • Unopposed, university-affiliated program
  • New hospital in rural mountain setting
  • High-volume obstetrical C-section and procedural experience

Important Dates

September 15 ERAS application opens
November 3 Applicant interviews begin
December 1 Deadline for ERAS applications

Dr. Josie Syverson

Dr. Josie Syverson has just returned from an international rotation focused on improving her medical Spanish in addition to volunteer opportunities among a unique indigenous population. Welcome back Dr. Syverson! see more>>

Physical Address:
465 Memorial Drive
Pocatello, ID 83201

Clinic: (208) 282-4700
Residency: (208) 282-4421

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